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[OOC] - Comments/Crit

Or, an HMD post. :>

Comments, concerns, etc. about my characterization or roleplaying in general? Please leave a note here.

IP logging is off. All comments are screened.


[Public] - [voice]

I know they're late, but did you get the flowers I sent you, Souji-kun?
I don't feel any older.
I've picked up a radio transmission from Antrim. The message is in poor quality and incomplete, but it seems like there's something going on over there.

Would you be interested in a sparring session?

I'm interested in seeing how you fight.

[Public] - [voice]

Hundreds of years ago, there was a young farmer and his wife. After two years of living together, tending to animals and raising crops, they decided they wanted to have a child in their lives. It took them a very long time to conceive, and were overjoyed when the village doctor informed them that the wife was pregnant. In the months that followed, they worked diligently to prepare for the baby. They made room for a nursery in their house, the farmer built a crib, and his wife sewed some clothes. Their home was a joyous one, and even the animals seemed excited for the child to be born.

When the day finally came...Collapse )

[a pause]

That's the Hanami Cloud legend as I know it. I hear that it's different all over Reial. Would anyone care to share theirs?

[Filter // Serenity // Hackable]

Hello, my name is Minato Arisato, and I'll be working with all of you as a radio ops. I hope we can all work together.

[Filter // Mitsuru Kirijo // Unhackable]

Happy birthday, Senpai. I'm sorry I couldn't be there to celebrate with you.